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Surface Treatment For Concrete Worktops

For maximal strength and density use high performance concrete when making concrete worktops. A strong and compact concrete is essential to get a sustainable surface. Preferably an expanding concrete. The easiest way for concrete reinforcement is to use con- crete with fibers, – if you are able to buy it. You can also reinforce with concrete steel or wire netting. In concrete mouldings cut 3-4 pieces of concrete steel to fit inside, and place them in one direction.The chicken wire should be close to the outline.

Concrete mouldings in plastic with firm edges gives a perfect finnish to concrete worktops and table tops. I recommend to grind away at least the top “concrete skin”. Otherwise it gets mottled. The more you grind, the more stones will appear. Concrete work- tops needs to be sealed in several steps to get an effective deep treatment, and eventually jet polishing and wax to reach a velvety finish. Wax is enough protection for a table top in the living room.

The wax gives a natural “concrete” look and with time a personal patina will come. It forms a protective film that wears off over time and need to be reconsidered.
Strong caustic cleaners removes the protective wax, while mild soap helps to seal the surface.
Use the best concrete mouldings and take care of your concrete worktops by cleaning with water and mild soap.