decorate concrete bird baths with silicone leavesconcrete bird baths

Decorate concrete bird baths with silicone leaves

A concrete bird bath is a lovely object in the garden. The silcone leaves are fantastic and won ́t ever wear out. The are extra thick, compared to natural leaves, and give deep distinct prints.
You can use them on top of the wet concrete, or attach them inside concrete moulds.

Decorate concrete bird baths by attaching double sided tape on the leaves. New silicone leaves are hard to attach because the tape won ́t stick. A solution is to rub off the shiny silicone surface with a sandpaper. An old silicone leaf is much easier to use. Roll out a piece of tape and attach the leaf carefully without taking the back paper off. Cut against the table, with something to protect the surface, close to the outline with a snap off knife. Take off the back paper and squeeze the leaf to the mould.

Wait and smear the mould later when you are done decorating. Avoid oil on the silicone leaves – oil and double sided tape is a mission impossible.
Fill the concrete bird baths and take away the air bubbles. Let the concrete dry for two days.
When you remove concrete moulds the leaves are usually still stuck to the concrete, but they are very easy to peel off, and give perfect prints every time. The tape is probably still on the mould, and needs a more patience to clean off. A practical tip: Make a chewing-gum from some tape. The gum sticks and cleans when pulled away. Some edges around the relief leaves may be sharp. Scrape carefully on the concrete bird bath with a non sharp knife.