concrete flagstoneconcrete flagstones with led lights

Concrete flagstones with led lights

The concrete moldings for concrete flagstones have the same external dimension: 30x30 cm, and can easily be combined in a path or patio. The Honeysuckle pattern can be shrewed and will always connect to the next wrench no matter how you put it. And you can easily make holes for LED lights.

Attach double sided tape on the bottom of the glass and cut along the outline, to clean from waste tape. Smear the concrete molds when the Schnappsglasses are attached – oil and double sided tape is a mission impossible.

When you are done casting the concrete flagstones, and start to remove the concrete molds, the glasses will break. But just use a new glass on the next hole. From the upper side run the cable through the hole and squeeze down the lamp. The Schnappsglasses are tight enough for the following Led-light brand that I rec- ommend. They are fit for outdoor use and affordable. Very easy to install – no electrician needed.

Make your own concrete flagstones design with concrete mouldings.