paving stonesConcrete casting with perfect finish

Concrete casting with perfect finish

Put the garden stepping stones mould on a leveled table. Start concrete casting by mixing according to instructions on the package. Be careful and use the accurate amount of water. Stir thoroughly in five min- utes, let it prove 5 minutes and stir again. This is my most precious tip to you when concrete casting: BEGIN WITH ONLY 5 MM thin layer of concrete in the moulds. Pat away the airbubbles using your hand, ensuring that no bubbles are left on the important bottom layer. I hope you have gloves! Continue filling and shaking the mold. You can see the bubbles through the clear plastic mould. All of them are not bad. Small bubbles inside the garden stepping stones makes it tolerant to frost. Depending how hard you wash the mold, it will get lusterless. Some like it shiny, some don ́t. If you like it lus- terless, use a fine sand paper. The glossy surface will fade if put outdoor in the rain. Concrete casting is easy when you have smart moulds for garden stepping stones.